A few years ago my family discovered an old army bag in my grandmother’s attic that belonged to my grandfather.  All we really know about the bag is that it saw time in Europe during WWII and that Grandpa used it to bring back a bunch of souvenirs.  It’s rugged, and classic, and the aging of the materials seem to offer a glimpse into its past.  I love that old bag.

The Moondog Company started as an idea to create a meaningful strap for a guitar that was given to me on my 30th birthday.  That idea has evolved into a line of products that have been inspired by my own life experiences.  My hope is that these products will resonate with you as much as that old army bag does with me, and that maybe someday they’ll offer future generations a glimpse into your own life experiences - your story.  

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Ian Calhoun - Maker/Founder